10 Abnormal Things That Make Women Want To Sleep With You – See This Now!

Since the beginning of time, women have always carried a stigma of how unbelievably indecisive they are and how nobody really quite knows the answer to the age old question: “what do women want?” Well, it’s not that women are complicated, it’s just women are not as s*xually simplistic as men according to Psychology Today.

For example, all that is needed in order for a man to be aroused is genital blood flow. V!agra, a medication for men, works in that favor by targeting the blood flow rather than making him desire s*x. And voila! Just like that, a man is aroused. And since a man’s genitalia receives direct contact during s*x, he is able to achieve an orgasm easier and quicker than a woman. Women, on the other hand, generally have to add extra forms of arousal to achieve org*sms. According to studies, only 25 percent of women achieve orgasms through vaginal intercourse. The other 75 percent reach org*sms with the help of sex toys, hands, tongue, etc. Obviously, the answer to the question: “what do women want?” is subjective and will vary from woman to woman. Different women like different things. Accordingly, here are a few odd things that have been proven to arouse certain women:

10. Chocolate

Ladies, we all know chocolate is comfort food. We eat it when it’s that time of month, when we go through a breakup, and sometimes because it’s just conveniently placed at the checkout line. Well given this new fact, you can continue your blissful chocolate indulgences without the added guilt! According to a study in The Journal of S*xual Medicine, eating chocolate leads to higher levels of desire, aro*sal and s*xual satisfaction. The participants in the study who ate at least one piece of chocolate a day experienced more active lib!dos and an overall better sex drive than those who didn’t eat chocolate. So what makes chocolate so special? There is a compound called phenylethylamine which activates mood-altering endorphins, which improve your mood. It also increases the brain’s level of serotonin, which plays a big role in s*xual excitation and decreasing depression, especially for women.

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