15 Of The Most Shocking Things People Have Ever Said in Their Sleep

Talking in your sleep – or ‘Somniloquy’ as it’s medically known – is something we have all done in our time. Whether it’s letting out a scream in response to a nightmare or bursting into fits of laughter after remembering a joke during the day, it’s fairly common to make noises in our sleep now and then. But there are those who don’t just produce noises or vague mutterings during their slumber, they can have full blown conversations with themselves. And for anyone sharing a bed with these night-time chatterboxes, the results can be hilarious!

Partners of regular sleep talkers may find it hard to sleep from time to time, but on the bright side, they get to witness some comedy gold during the night. While some sleep mutterings can be jumbled up and nonsensical, some are spoken so clearly and with such authority that you could swear they were wide awake and entirely serious about what they were saying. Some outbursts can be subconscious thoughts, while others? Well, let’s hope they’re not subconscious thoughts!

To celebrate all the weird and wonderful things sleep talkers come up with, we’ve scoured the net to find out some of the most hilarious and surreal things that people have said to their significant other in their sleep. From being terrified of a mutant squirrel on the loose to getting mad at Batman, these may be some of the funniest and most poetic sentences ever spoken! Have a chuckle at some of the most bizarre (and downright hysterical) things ever said during sleep…

15. Fear of a Mutant Squirrel

A pretty constant sleep talker – known on the web as ‘Sleep Talkin’ Man’ – turned to his wife one night before sleepily muttering these glorious words: “Quick! Everybody lock your doors! Squirrelantula is on the loose again! And this time he means business. Get the giant broom!”. We’d hate to think what this guy ate before he went to bed!

The name ‘Squirrelantula’ suggests this poor guy was having nightmares about some kind of mutant squirrel and tarantula hybrid. A giant squirrel with eight furry legs running amok in the neighbourhood? No wonder he sounds so terrified! The wife of Sleep Talkin’ Man has actually compiled all of her husband’s late night utterances and published them on her blog. She has even spread the joy by sharing his surreal ramblings in a book too! You’ve gotta applaud her willpower to do all this – I think most of us would be insomniacs by now!


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