5 very effective ways to get rid of stretch marts

Stretch mark is not really cool as it affects you confidence and makes yo not to feel comfortable taking off your shirt in public. Stretch mark is caused by the expansion and contraction of the skin,muscle building, high gain of weight and genetic disorders. However, her are 5 natural ways you can deal with your stretch mark.

1. Castor Oil

This oil is very great for your skin, it can fight off stretch marks. To apply castor oil, place it on the affected areas on your skin and massage in a circular motion.  After massaging, wrap the area with a thin and clean cotton cloth and then apply heat with a heating pad or hot water bottle. Keep doing this continuously for 30 minutes everyday and you will see great results withing a months.

2. Egg whites

Egg white contains amino acid and protein which are very useful in getting rid of stretch marks. To use, extract the egg white from two or more eggs into a bows and stir until it becomes smooth. Wash the affected part of your body with clean water before applying the egg white to it. Allow the egg white to totally dry off on your skin before you wash it off with cold water.

3.lemon juice

Lemon contains acid which is very good for fighting stretch marks.  Gently extract the juice from the lemon and rub it on the affected part of your body. Do this for 10 to 15 minutes daily.


Sugar is a a natural skin exfoliant and this makes it very good in fighting stretch marks.  To use mix lemon juice and almond juice into a bowl, add a teaspoon of sugar and then mix. Rub it on the affected areas and massage the area for 10 to 15 minutes, do this continuously for a month and you will see good results.

5.Olive Oil

Bottle pouring virgin olive oil in a bowl close up

This liquid contains antioxidants and vital nutrients that are good for fighting stretch marks. Heat the olive oil before applying it on the affected areas of your skin. Rub it gently on the affected areas, this will aid blood circulation in the affected areas and the stretch mark will eventually fade off after a while.

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