Getting Good Results On Your Bad Day


The law of nature says that do the thing and you shall have the power but they who do not do the thing have no power — Ralph Waldo Emerson, Compensation (Essays: First Series, 1841)

Take twins who grew up in the same house and have the same degree of education and give them both the exact same opportunity. One takes it and has remarkable success, the other doesn’t. One wins, the other does not.
If you ask the one who failed, he will be quick in telling you how his family were poor, how the government messed up the economy, how his girlfriend left him after 10 years of dating and any excuse at all he can lay his hand on. Now let’s ask the other brother why he succeed and he will tell you that the fact that how is from a poor home, the country economy is terrible and every other bad experience he has encounter helped him gain success.

What just happened how can the same situation affect two people but different reaction. Some people will say they have different attitude or the failed on didn’t have will power but I will have to disagree with that.

Attitude is controlled by emotions, today you may fit like doing everything it takes to get you where you want to be with so much hype and excitement but the next day you wake up sad, frustrated and angry you don’t even want to get off your bed. Your attitude won’t get you pass those days trust me.

To control your attitude you need to control your mindset you need to create a new philosophy of how you view life. Your philosophy control your attitude, your attitude control your action and your actions control your results which lead to your lifestyle (Philosophy -> attitude -> action -> lifestyle)

Your philosophy control your choices and this is how you can get out of those dark days, this was how the successful brother was above to take all the negativity and turned them into success. We all have a choice in life, we can either give in to hard times like the failed brother or take those challenges and make something good off them.

I’m a entrepreneur and in my field I face lots of disappointments everyday, I know this is one of the major factor that scare people off entrepreneurship but with my philosophy I don’t really focus on the negativity because I know through my philosophy where I’m going and what it takes to achieve my goals I also know that my setbacks are just another way of how my idea can’t work so I mean I have to create a better way until it works rather than bitching and blaming everybody.

Let’s say you work into a dark room I bet the next action you’d take is to hit the switch light because you know the light will come on, You don’t need some motivational speeches or affirmations to hit the switch light. Now that how the right philosophy works.

Remember do the things and you’d have the power not have the power then do the things… As Jeff Olson my mentor usually say ” Not how you do the things but how you do the how’s, that matters”

Written by: Aloaye Collins Otsu
Twitter: @Aloaye_javi
Instagram: Aloaye_javi

• CEO & Publisher @vlmagafrica • Founder @vlmediaafrica & @besthandsng • Media Mogul •Entertainer Lions Don’t compare themselves With Humans

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