I Believe Films Are A Massive Tool To Preach The Gospel – Pascal Amanfo

We recently caught up with ace producer/director pascal Amanfo and in an exclusive interview he talked movies, growing up, family and relationship with Majid Michel

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VL: Hello Mr Amanfo how are you today?

PA: Am great. blessed

VL: Briefly tell us about your childhood background

PA: Okay….err….I was predominantly raised by a single mum. infact I am the only child of my mother. So growing up was just my mum and I in Port Harcourt where I was born and spent the first 8 years of my life. Life was pretty simple in the very early eighties, middle class family. we had basic necessities and a few luxuries. My mum was strict as strict can be and basically trying too hard to fill up for the absence of a Father. My parents got back together in 1990 and we moved back to Aba where my Dad who was a doctor owned a private hospital and practised.

VL: Why and when did you move to ghana?

PA: I wrote a script for Ikechukwu Onyeka somewhere around 2006 and it was filmed in ghana. The film was titled Power of the gods. One of the top producers in ghana in the person of Abdulsalam mumuni saw the script and thought it was pretty good and he immediately reached out to me through Frank Rajah and insisted I come over. For the next 2 years I made periodic visits and was basically churning out script after script from films like Playboy, Pretty Queen, Her Excellency, Prince Bride and Agony of the Christ. I was spending more time in ghana cumulatively and it just made sense to consider getting an apartment here.


VL: What project are you currently working on?

PA: I recently took a different course to zero in on what I call Faith/family inspirational films. This is as a result of my calling as a Preacher and because I believe films are a massive tool to preach the Gospel and on that note I am on pre production stage for the movie I AM HE. It centres on the life of a Man who sets out to dispute the very existence of God and makes a trip across to nations to visit a young boy who miraculously claimed to see Christ.

VL: As a producer is good looks part of the criteria you look at before giving a movie role ?

PA: (Laughs) for me it’s a blend of several attributes and top of the list is who best looks like the character. If the character needs to be pretty then yes. Otherwise it’s basically down to the character specification


VL: (laughter)…You are one of the Top producers we have today in the industry, how did the breakthrough come?

PA: I have a term. I believe in the school of hard work but I am a student of grace… Patience,Persistence and God.

VL: What is your source of inspiration?

PA: Creatively. it’s everything around me, the complexities and challenges of life. On a personal note its the need to be better than I was yesterday and that it’s deeply influenced by my faith..


VL: What makes you different from other producers?

PA: The God factor. The fact that I recognise that I am no better than the guy who wraps up cables on the set or the girl who serves the food. Each of us has a peculiar path and purpose

VL: You have recently been spotted with actor Majid Michel so many times, Aside movies what is your relationship with Majid?

PA: (Laughter). We are on the same path. We both re dedicated our lives to God at almost the same time and like me he equally feels drawn to use his influence as a pedestal to share the message of Gospel. Together we have embarked on mission trips to Uganda and Kenya and together with Timothy Bentum. We meet to pray for an hour once every week provided everyone is in town, so we are brothers. Brothers in the faith holding up each others hands as we walk through the “banana peels” of Show business.


VL: Who are your role models in the industry?

PA: Several people make up that list. I done well to pick up many things from a few father figures and senior colleagues. Lancelot Oduwa Imasuen has the most profound sense of dramatology and artistic expertise you can find anywhere in these parts. Ikechukwu Onyeka is very smooth in his directorial approach, a mixture of brilliance and good people management. Charles Inojie is one of the best writers I have ever met and he greatly influenced my idea of character development and dialogues. Frank Rajah is very sleek in his story telling and is always evolving… lastly. Izu Ojukwu who tries to tell every story with an unrivalled use of camera movements and shots.

VL: What is your view on the African Movie industry and what you think is the way forward?

PA: I think we are on the right track. we are evolving, re defining, making mistakes and learning but most of all growing in technical quality. The cinema culture is being rekindled and with a little more conscious governmental support in terms of an active film policy and fight against piracy, the future can be nothing but bright

VL: What do you hope achieve in the next 5 years?

PA: I hope to carve a niche for the Christian faith inspired films and films centred on deepened social relevance with a formidable distribution network that exceeds VCD’S at Alaba and hopefully by God’s grace some level of international marketing.

VL: What message do you have for your friends, fans and family all over the world?

PA: In all you do in the endless pursuit for success, fame and fortune never forget it all begins with God. Dream, Aspire but when you finally expire what will become of all that desire? There is a good way but there is also a God way and in our hustle even though it might seem good, ask yourself is it God? Patience and Persistence is the key. If you can think it, pray it, work it and wait for it. That dream will come to pass. Blessings!

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Interview Conducted by: Theo Olele

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