Making A Movie Is A Difficult Job And Financially Very Demanding – Okey Oku


We recently caught up with award winning film maker Okechukwu oku also known as the oracle . look below to read the full interview

VL: Hello Mr Okechukwu oku

OO: Hello Mr Theo

VL: You are popularly known as the Oracle, how did the name came about? 

OO: Sometime ago my friends started calling me that because I’m very good at a lot of things so they believe that’s befitting. I actually started liking the name then adopted it for my film company :The Oracle Films

VL: What inspired you to go into movie production? 

OO: I grew up into an Artistic family, music and visual art. So it’s what we are made of, our chemistry in totality. I’ve always admired Hollywood movies and I’ve for long felt the need to add more value to Nollywood. Having learnt the art of cinematography for many years while shooting music videos I felt a burden to start movie making and here I am


VL: How did the breakthrough come? 

OO: Well I can’t exactly say that the breakthrough has come yet but at a Nascent stage I have progressed positively and soon the breakthrough will come eventually

VL: How many years have you been in the film business?

OO: 6years

VL: What inspired the movie ‘The Boss Is Mine’?

OO: I had wanted to do a film that will bring all the major tribes of Nigeria together under one umbrella. A movie that would be appreciated by the everyone whether educated or illiterate. A movie that would make people laugh no matter conditions and disposition at anytime. Boss is Mine is that movie


VL: Who are your role models in the industry?

OO: Foreign would be Steven Spielberg, Indigenous would be Izu. Ojukwu I admire both alot

VL: What is the most  untrue thing you have heard about yourself in the media?

OO: That would be lies peddled by some bloggers about the failure of one of my premieres in Uyo. They claim failure was caused by bad planning whereas the failure was caused by SilverBird’s poor management

VL:  What project are you currently working on?

OO: Actually I just finished my 4th movie few weeks ago titled Weather for 2. It’s collaboration between The Oracle Films and GOAT. My 3rd movie Black Rose is in post production

VL: Tell us more about your deal with mnet?

OO: Can’t disclose that for now 😊 but it’s something big

VL: As a producer is good looks part of the criteria you look at before giving a movie  role ?

OO: No!! I cast based on the character in the script. Casting is purely on a professional basis. You must be a good actor


VL: What is your view on the African Movie industry and what you think is the way forward?

OO: I believe we are already on that path. Africans are progressing and it’s really good to be part of this train

VL: What do you hope to achieve in the next 5 years? ‎

OO: A film made in Nigeria competing the Oscars with Hollywood films

VL: Final Note

OO: Making a movie is a difficult job and financially very demanding. We are not at luxury of this so please fans should be patient with us we are growing, Pirates should leave us alone and find some other genuine business to do, the government should help provide more enable environment since they cannot help with funds. Pray for us.

Interview conducted by: Theo Olele

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