Do you know what your skin type is? And no, I don’t mean “fair” or “tan”. I mean oily, dry, combination, Normal, etc? If you’re like so many women out there – including myself (for a long time, at least) – then you probably have no idea what type of skin you really have.

Most women don’t know their skin types and that makes it really difficult when buying products. The majority of people only use a skincare product because their friend or someone recommended it. The problem with this is that everybody has different skin types, and your friend’s skin type may be the opposite of yours. This means that you can actually be causing more harm to your skin than helping it.


Skin Types

Before you’re able to find the right products for your skin, you’ll want to know what skin type you have. Here are all the skin types and how you can determine which is yours.

Dry – If you’re someone with dry skin, then you probably are aware of it, you may notice your skin is usually tight and possibly even flakey. Your pores are almost unnoticeable. After you wash your skin, you can feel it begging for moisture, people with dry skin often deal with more surface wrinkles and fine lines than those with combination to oily skin due to dehydration.

Oily – This is the most misdiagnosed skin type out there. Many people look at their skin and because it appears shiny they conclude that they have oily skin. However, that’s not always the case People with oily skin usually have the following characteristics: Large visible pores, frequent black heads and white heads. Visible shine, especially during mid-day.


Combination – Combination skin could be considered the toughest skin type to conquer because you could be dealing with two opposite ends of the skin care spectrum. The majority of people with combination skin have a T-zone that is oily, and cheeks that are dry or normal (I have combination skin, oily Tzone and normal everywhere else). Many people deal with occasional breakouts and larger than normal pores, especially on the nose. The main issue is what skincare to use. Many people try products meant for oily skin because they think that because they breakout, they must have oily skin. This usually leads to dry flaky skin and lots of frustration. Combination skin requires gentle oil control in certain areas as well as moisture to ensure even healthy skin.


Normal- What does normal mean anyway? Well, when we’re talking about skin, it means that you are one of the lucky; at least for the time being, skincare changes over time and with changes in season. If you don’t have a problem with oil or breakouts, and you don’t feel that your skin is dry and tight, you probably fall in the normal skin type range. Most people with normal skin have small pores, little or no breakouts. Only a few people fall into this category… “Mostly babies” lol.


There are so many people out there who just use products because someone else said it worked for them. But they don’t have the same skin as you! So how could it possibly work the same for you? Your skin is your baby. You should be protecting it and making sure it gets exactly what it needs. By determining your skin type, you can then choose the right products. Dry skin should be using cream cleansers and thick moisturizing creams whereas oily skin should be using oil-free products.


If you really want to get the best skin your body is capable of, stop listening to what other people are using and start listening to your skin. It will tell you the right products for you.

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