Here are 5 Nigerian Men Who Transformed From Being Men To Women (Transgender) – With Images

You might feel that gender change is only common with the western world but you will be very wrong to think that.

These days, everything that is practiced in the western world is also practiced in Africa and beyond.


Some Nigerians also got tired of the God- given gender and decided to change it to the gender of their choice.

We at VL, have compiled a list of the top 5 former men who are now women.

Lets see who they are.




Miss saHHara is a British Nigerian beauty queen, fashion model, singer/songwriter, and a human rights advocate.

She is known for representing Nigeria in international beauty pageants to draw attention to the plights of LGBTQI+ people in Africa.

She is now known as Miss Sahhara, she was originally born Clifford Oche, from Benue state, Nigeria.

A student of Benue state university.


In 2011, She became the first Nigerian transgender woman to come out publicly on international press during the Miss International Queen beauty pageant in Pattaya, Thailand.

Miss Sahhara is almost always in the eye of controversy.

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