15 Hilarious Nigerian pigeon English proverbs that willleave you rolling on the floor

Nigerians are definitely one of the funniest set of people on earth. Everything about them is funny and their proverbs are very funny too. Here are 15 hilarious Nigerian proverbs that will crack you up.

 01. If mad man don beat your mumsi before, if she see mechanic she go run

Meaning- Learn from experience

02.Fowl wey run wey from Lagos to Sokoto go still end up inside pot of soup

Meaning- No man can run from his destiny

03. The jollof rice wey dey the bottom of pot today, go dey ontop of cooler tomorrow

Meaning- Your situation can change anytime

 04.Escort me, Escort me, na im slave trade take start

Meaning- Some trivial things have serious consequences

05.E go better, e go better, na im make Igbo man take build house for lagos.

Meaning- Hardwork pays

 06.Na Every mallam to him own kettle

Meaning- Every man for himself

 07.Person wey borrow cloth go party no dey dance too much

Meaning- Never misuse any opportunity

08.No matter press-up wey lizard do, e no fit get chest like aligator

Meaning- Never try to be somebody else

09.When life dey show you pepper, make peppersoup

Meaning- Make the best out of bad situations

10. You no fit collect the water wey you use take make eba back

Meaning- What has happened, has happened

11.Craze no hard to form, na the trekking be wahala

Meaning- Easier said than done

12. Today newspaper na tomorrow suya paper

Meaning- Change is constant

13. Tomatoes wey fresh pass for market na hin dey enter pot of stew

Meaning- The way you look matters

14. You no need cutlery to chop slap

Meaning- Slap comes anytime

15. Cow wey dey in a hurry to go America go come back as corn beef

Meaning- Patience is a virtue

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