7 things that you and your siblings fought over as kids


Growing up was very interesting and we have those memories that we just cannot forget about. As little kids, anything could happen at any time. I mean, you don’t know what is going to cause the fight between you and your siblings so you just have to expect anything at anytime. In this post, we are going to take you down memory lane and remind you of 7 things that you and your siblings fought over as kids.


As kids, there were many times when your parents would go out but ask you guys to do the chores before they return back home. Your eldest sibling would now decide to share the chores among you guys but that is where the problem starts. Some would feel cheated that they are getting the harder chores than their siblings. Sometimes, it ends up in a fight.


Dont expect your sibling to go easy on you after you cheated in a game. They would fight you immediately without wasting time.

3. Who consumes more food

When your Mum comes home and complains that her pot of soup is empty, you and your siblings will automatically become lawyers. Everybody will start pointing accusing fingers and supporting their points with facts.

4. Who resembles Daddy or Mummy most.

Siblings would take this issue very seriously, especially when one particular parents is cuter than the other.

5. When they borrowed your cloth without your consent

That moment when your sibling just walks in wearing your red shirt that you have been searching for, for the past 4 hours.

6.Who is cuter

Dont ever try to tell your siblings that you are cuter than them, it would only end in you getting a beat down.

7.Who is in charge of the Remote controller

This is more like a battle for supremacy, it always ends up in something getting broken at home.

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