9 Sports Games That Started From England

Sports is very important in keeping the world together and retaining peace and harmony.

Many sporting games that are being played today were invented a long time ago.

Here are some sports games that were invented in England.

9. Squash

Squash traces its origins from the game of rackets. In the early 19th century prisoners in The Fleet Prison in London enjoyed the game of hitting a ball against walls using rackets. Squash was invented in Harrow school around 1830, when the pupils discovered that a punctured Rackets ball, which ‘squashed’ on impact with the wall, produced a game with a greater variety of shots and required much more effort on the part of the players. In 1864 the first four Squash courts were constructed at the school and Squash was officially founded as a sport. In 1886 the first set of rules were agreed and by the 1890s the game was being played in many parts of the world. In England the game was regulated by a Squash sub-committee of the Tennis and Rackets Association from 1908 to 1928 when the Squash Rackets Association was formed. The first professional Squash Championship was held in 1920 in England, when C.R. Read (Queens Club) beat A.W.B. Johnson (RAC Club). In 1922 the British open was held for men and Women at Queen’s Club in London.

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