Ten Best Open World Video Games of All Time (With Pictures)

The video game industry has always dominated the market of entertainment, as far as recreational activities are concerned, and is reported by a recent study to Net Worth $91.5 Billion in the industry of Gaming. Amongst youngsters and even some people up to the ages of 60 years, and over have been fascinated, intrigued, engrossed and kept busy for hours and hours on end and has somewhat considerably a great and stimulating social addiction as opposed to youngsters who rather find enjoyment in drugs, alcohol and unprotected s*x. As the decades of gaming advanced up until this day, the demand of graphics and new gaming trends are increasing as we speak, sometimes more than the gaming industry can supply. Electronic gaming and 3D graphics have been introduced worldwide as the next best thing on the entertainment markets, since the 1980’s. If you’re a dedicated hardcore stone cold video gamer, such as myself, then you will immediately be able to identify and relate to the 10 best open world video games of all time, listed below.

10 Best Open World Video Games of All Time

10. Sims Castaway

Everybody wants to be a cool sim in this game. The Sims series has been one of the most exciting games to play which is a simulation of a series of real life and people and how they interact with one and other on a daily basis and sort of puts you in a real life situation overall. Everybody who played the Sims game series and collection would have known the enjoyment they’ve found while taking the role of a Sim, customizing their clothing, inviting friends over, hosting pool parties and BBQs etc. These can be done in several Sim Episodes altogether.

Sims Castaway on the other hand is a part of the game series which I as well as many around the world have enjoyed to great lengths. It all begins with a fancy yaught party that turned over to shreds in a storm, scattering different Sim’s all over the shore and all over the lost island. The game gets extremely exciting when the main Sim Character has to venture off into the treacherous unknown in order to re-locate the other Sim’s who were on-board the yaught as well as to put everybody back together in one piece. To take on the responsibility of one man lone wolf survivor is really something that an Alpha Male of a personality would have to handle. In Sim’s Castaway, one can also interact with animals along the way etc. While being up to alerts in order to protect other Sim’s etc.

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