Top Ten Amazing Swords from Legends and Fiction (With Photos)

Before the advent of firearms, sword was the most important weapon in the world. Perhaps no other weapon has had such an impact in world history. Swords played seminal roles in almost every culture around the world. As the choice weapon of heroes, it was inevitable that swords featured prominently in legends and myths. There are swords that blend history and fiction inseparably, with various supernatural powers attributed to them. Modern fiction has also contributed many amazing swords, acquiring place in the pop culture. Here are the top 10 Amazing Swords from Legends and Fiction.

10. Stormbringer

Stormbringer is the sword wielded by Elric of Melnibon, a dark wizard and the protagonist of a series of fantasy stories and novels by Michael Moorcock. The sword is an evil one, as it consumes the soul of anyone it kills, and corrupts its wielder. It gives the energy for sustenance of the weak Elric. It often makes him kill his friends as well. Elric can’t get rid of the sword either.

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