Top Ten Celebrities Who Died Before 30

Celebrities are known to live extravagant and sometimes even dangerous lives. With million dollar contracts from their movies, music and even sports, they have the ability to do virtually everything they want. It isn’t surprising to see them indulge in the rock and roll lifestyle among with their high profile friends and peers. Unfortunately, this could also lead to a higher mortality rate. Over the years, we’ve lost a lot of stars. And most often, we lose them too early. Who are the top celebrities who died before 30? Here are some of those celebrities that left us too early.

10. Aaliyah

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First in our list of celebrities who died before 30 is Aaliyah. Born in Brooklyn, New York, Alliyah started her career early. She later became an actress and starred in movies like Romeo Must Die and Queen of the Damned. She was the definition of a cool artist in the late 1990s. Aaliyah was able to release three albums that solidified her name in the R&B scene.

What made her career stunning is the fact that she was able to sell millions of her albums. She was able to collaborate with the likes of R Kelly and Timbaland.

Unfortunately, Aalliyah’s private life wasn’t exactly smooth. She was married to R. Kelly before she hits legal age. This was when her marriage with the R&B star was annulled a year after. She died in 2001 after shooting a video. The pilot decided to get all the equipment into the plane making the plane overweight. It was also discovered later that there was cocaine and alcohol in the pilot’s system.

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