Top Ten Most Adorable English Dogs (With Pictures)

Dogs are commonly referred to as man’s best friend. These canines have been part of households for generations and have played significant roles in history. Another great thing about dogs is that they come in several fascinating breeds, some pure and some resulted as a mixture of the union of different breeds from across the world. England is another great place to look into when it comes to culture and history, as well as dogs. Here are 10 of the most adorable English dogs in the region any dog lover would love to have as their best friend.

10. English Setter

A friendly, mellow and merry that can also serve as a perfect companion. It is not a surprise to see English Setters as a favorite household staple for the rich and famous in old England. This elegant breed possess an ideal blend of stamina, strength, grace and style that it is often referred to as the “gentleman of the dog world”. The males are very masculine but do not display coarseness while females can be overly refined at times.

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