Top Ten Mythical Creatures that May have Actually Existed (With Pictures)

Mythical creatures have always been part of our history books. Some are even thought to exist at present, lurking in the shadows and trying to be discreet as it exists together with humans. Some are believed to be fictional, some a relative of an extinct species. No matter how we view these creatures, the truth remains that the fascination we have for them remains to be as eager as it was in the past. Have a look at Top 10 mythical creatures in history.

10. Dragons

Dragons have always been a favorite and included in most folklores and enchanted stories. It has been depicted as a massive creature with wings or without that can fly in the skies and breathe fire. Historical books depict dragons both as foes and allies. The present day Komodo dragon is believed to be a descendant of the mythical creatures minus the size, the flying prowess and the ability to breathe fire. It has been a favorite mythical legend included in books and movies, both in the past as well as now at present.

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