Top Ten Successful People with Disabilities (With Photos)

We as human beings tend to make excuses when it comes to pursuing our dreams or simply getting a job done even when circumstances favor us. But there are people who challenge the odds, turn circumstances to their side and redefine success. There are umpteen number of stories about people who were born with disabilities or fell victim to circumstances or faced an accident but that didn’t stop them from making a mark in their respective fields and motivating people around the world. Their stories are touching, nerve wrecking and encouraging . We have compiled for you 10 highly inspirational stories of successful people with disabilities.

Top 10 Successful People with Disabilities

10. Sudha Chandran

Sudha Chandran is an accomplished Indian actor and dancer. She is a renowned Bharatnatyam dancer who started performing from the tender age of three. She met with a bus accident on her way to Trichy. Although her wounds were not major, since she was not attended on time, the cut on her right ankle resulted in her foot getting gangrene. Her foot had to be amputated to prevent the infection from spreading the body. Her dreams of dancing seemed to have shattered. But she didn’t lose hope and got an artificial Jaipur leg. Though it took her three years to walk normally, dancing seemed a distant dream. She never lost hope though and was ready to perform once again. On her first performance post the incident, she mesmerized the audience with her performance and courage. She was reported in the newspapers with the one who “Lost a foot but walked a mile”. Later, she was offered to play the lead role in a movie based on her own life for which she won several awards. She also became a well known face in the Indian television and film industry. Her life is an inspiration and she is one of the very successful people with disabilities who made a big mark from herself.

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