Ten Endangered Species of 2016, Close to Extinction(With Pictures)

A species of any kind simply means belonging to life but being of its own category. What if a certain species were to be extinct, then that would primarily be the absolute very last of its kind. Believe it or not there are several endangered species of 2016, close to extinction. Extinction isn’t much of a concern to some people of the world, since it wouldn’t make a difference to anyone’s lives if an animal like an elephant for an example gets extinct, why?… Because people can still walk into a convenience store and still buy something to eat. Who could care less if some Elephant in some jungle that nobody knows about gets extinct and people would ask themselves why should they worry? What many don’t realize is that the cycle of life starts from humans being at the top of the food chain. It’s simple.

Animals live by the code of  ‘survival of the fittest’, they prey, hunt and feed on other animals as well. Humans on the other hand are civilized and feed on animals (Processed animals wrapped in nice packages and spiced up with a price tags in shops etc. for purchase. If animals become extinct. Then so will humans if humans have no food to eat. If humans start cannibalizing other humans in order to survive then still humans won’t exist eventually, when even the last human exists, he too will die because there will be no animals or humans left to be eaten. Civilization of the world will then seize to exist. This isn’t just a hypnotic scenario, extinction is a serious thing so let us bring about an alertness of 10 species that may be extinct in 2016 should it not be conserved or look altered or bred to make its kind last.

10. Blue Throated – Macaw

Macaws are one of the most exotic birds found in lost uncharted islands and its pretty close to extinction. Blue and Yellow Macaws is second to your average parrot with the only difference of it being of a rare kind on earth to all birds in general. Humans also want animals or birds as their pets too if they not going to eat it, which is where they are caught by people who are attracted to that specific market and sold across the world at high prices. Once sold, the new owners cage these beauties up like house parrots or budgies and somewhat ill treat them by not feeding them well or just abandoning them and they eventually die this way too. The overall world population of the Macaw has been decreasing as the years go by with habitat changes, captured; being sold to people that do not provide it with proper care etc. Its among the most endangered species of 2016.

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