Ten Phantom Ships That Still Haunt The Oceans (With Pictures)

They are known as Ghost ships or Phantom ships. They constitute an important aspect of the mysteries of the oceans. A sailor would love nothing more than scaring the hell out of a person who is willing to listen about these haunted vessels drifting adrift over the seas. In most cases, these sailors may be telling the truth. It is believed that many ghost ships are crawling through the ocean. Some of these vessels have neither crew nor any passengers. Others are simple coming into view and then vanishing into the mist. Below, you will find ten phantom ships that still haunt the ocean today.

10. The Caleuche

This is one of the most widely known phantom ships originating from the Southern parts of Chile. It is said that this ship appears each night near the island of Chiloe. The Island is located off the coast of Chile. It is also said that the ship only appears in those waters carrying the spirits of all those people who met their death on a fateful night abroad the same ship.

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