Top Ten Best Vampire Movies Of All Time(With Pictures)

For centuries vampires have been at the very center of great story-telling. Whether they are the villains or the heroes, Vampires draw us in. With the promise of immortality, the sexy, and often sultry vampires often epitomize sex itself. In the modern era, Vampires have filled our books and movie screens. Since the release of Bram Stoker’s best seller Dracula, Vampires have been a must for entertainment. But with so many incarnations, which is the best? That’s what we hope to find out.  The 10 best vampire movies of all time:

10. Blade (1998)

As with a lot of commercial ideas in Hollywood, the movie franchise is big money. Spawning sequel after sequel, the cash machine can keep giving. The vampire legend is no different.  But with the entire vampire franchises out there, such as Twilight, Underworld etc. We think that the Blade series is by far superior. Taking its source material from the Marvel comics, Blade is the first vampire franchise that got it right. With its mix of high powered action and fight scenes, it also manages to retain the character element and the relationships between Blade and the people around him. In a role that Wesley Snipes was born to play, Blade is the story of a half vampire’s quest to stop the vampire population. Great viewing if you like the ‘super-hero’ vampire.

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