Ten Facts About Pigeons That May Challenge Your View (Wit Pictures)

9. Pigeons Are Able To Compromise

Birds of a feather really do flock together, research has suggested. A study conducted at Oxford University armed homing pigeons with miniature GPS devices to track their flights. During the flight of these pigeons, the birds were faced with a choice: they could follow their noses and head directly home, or they could travel together with another pigeon heading in a similar direction. Amazingly, if both pigeons were on a path that was close enough together, the two would compromise with one another and choose a route that was in-between their destinations. Conversely, if both pigeons were heading to two completely different places, the pigeons would not compromise. Instead, one pigeon would act as a “leader” to their destination while the other gave in and followed.

Among the most interesting facts about pigeons, it’s worth noting that the birds who traveled together reached their destinations much more efficiently than the birds who would fly home alone. This suggests that homing pigeons are able to make group decisions and compromises that can benefit them in flight.

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