Ten Facts About Pigeons That May Challenge Your View (Wit Pictures)

7. Pigeons Have Considerable Long-Term Memory

Among the other not-so-known facts about pigeons, did you know that the bird have a remarkable capacity to remember things. The study on facial recognition mentioned above is evidence of this. That study was repeated several times with similar results. The pigeons remembered the researcher who had chased them away on one occasion, and they continued to remember the researcher when they returned later, even in different clothing.

Another study further tested the long-term memory of pigeons. A study conducted at the Mediterranean Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience measured the memorization skills of pigeons and baboons against one another. Both the pigeons and the baboons were given a picture and a color, and were trained to remember which color was associated with each picture. The pigeons were able to memorize anywhere from 800 to 1200 picture-color combinations. While they weren’t able to remember as many combinations as the baboons were, they still remembered an admirable amount.

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