Ten Facts About Pigeons That May Challenge Your View (Wit Pictures)

6. They Can Do Math

Studies in the last few years have shown that pigeons can comprehend simple, abstract math. They are capable of numerical reasoning, an ability that was previously believed to only be held by primates. In a study, three pigeons were given three sets of objects. One set contained one object, another contained two, and the third contained three. All objects in the sets were a variety of shapes and colors. The pigeons were then trained to peck at the sets in ascending order, pecking the set containing one object, then two, then three. Once they had learned to do this, the pigeons were presented with nine sets of objects, each set containing 1-9 objects respectively. These pigeons were able to correctly select the sets in ascending order, despite having only been trained to organize three. This study showed that pigeons are capable of understanding ordinal numbers and sequences. Pigeons doing math came at number six among facts about pigeons.

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