Ten Insanely Strange Aircrafts That Actually Existed(With Pictures)

7. The Hughes H4 Hercules

Back in 1942, the American government was in need of a large cargo airplane which could fly troops and supplies over the Atlantic, into Europe. It was World War 2, Nazi ships and submarines were constantly attacking American supply ships trying to reach Europe. Aviation tycoon and billionaire Howard Hughes responded with a proposal nobody thought was humanely possible at that time-the H4 Hercules. If completed, it would be the largest aircraft ever built as well as the largest flying boat ever. What makes it even more interesting is that when Hughes signed the contract with the Army, he was forbidden from using metals in the construction of his giant airplane, as it was wartime and metals were in short supply. So Hughes decided to make a giant wooden airplane which will later be counted as one of the strange aircrafts that actually existed.

The war dragged on and people began to doubt Hughes, he had not finished his giant airplane. The press began to taunt him by calling his creation the “Spruce Goose”. In reality though the airplane was made from laminated birch wood. Hughes continued working on the airplane until it was ready in 1947. During a short taxing run in the Long Beach Harbor area, Hughes decided to find out if his airplane can fly. It did, it flew for a mile, 70 feet above the ocean before Hughes bought it down. It has never been flown since and is the only one of its kind. Till date it holds the record for largest wingspan of any aircraft ever built, including giants such as the Antonov A-225 and the Airbus A380 and not-to-mention one of the strange aircrafts that actually existed.

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