Ten Insanely Strange Aircrafts That Actually Existed(With Pictures)

4. The Konstantin Kalinin K-7

One look at this aircraft and you can definitely tell where it came from Russia. Or in this case the Soviet Union, since this plane was built during the 1930’s.It’s purpose was to serve as a bomber/cargo aircraft. The K-7 was the largest propeller driven airplane of its time, with a wingspan greater than that of a B-52 therefore it has landed straight to this list of strange aircrafts that actually existed. It was created by former World War 1 aviator Konstantin Kalinin. The design of the aircraft was rather unorthodox, with a small central fuselage and giant, thick wings. The landing gear was integrated into the two pontoon like structures beneath the wings. Power was provided by a total of seven V12 engines, six in pull and one in push configuration. The plane was capable of carrying a crew of 19,along with 16 tons of bombs and 120 paratroopers in the giant wings. The weird structures below the wings held the landing gear, along with eight 7.62mm machine guns and eight 20mm cannons.

The first and only K-7 developed was involved in a total of seven test flights. It could fly which was pretty surprising, but also had some issues. During flight the tail sections would vibrate violently. The clever designers decided to weld giant pieces of steel to the tail booms in order to hold them in place instead of looking for any real issues with the aircraft. And thus test flights continued. However in one test flight, a tail section fractured and jammed the ailerons, causing the plane to crash. This accident resulted in the loss of 15 lives and was a great setback to the Soviet propaganda machine which had just shown the entire world its huge metal aircraft. Kalinin was captured by the police on charges of sabotaging his own aircraft, branded as a traitor and was eventually executed in 1938. The Konstantin Kalinin K-7 ranked fourth in our list of strange aircrafts that actually existed.

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