Ten Unbelievable Sci-Fi Weapons That Already Exist (With Pictures)

1. Cyborgs

While we are talking about cyborgs among the sci-fi weapons that already exist, we don’t mean the half-human, half-machine Frankenstein creatures we find in movies, with superhuman strength and guns popping out of every body part. Rather the cyborgs that seem to be a future reality are much more subtle, able to effortlessly link their minds with that of a computer chip, resulting in seamless transmission of data and unprecedented possibilities. The program being talked about is the NESD or Neural Engineering System Design program. Basically its goal is to develop an implantable bionic chip that allows for a seamless interface a human brain which is a cluster of millions of neurons, and a computer network.

The chip translates the electrochemical impulses of our neurons into signals that a computer can process, and does so on a huge scale, connecting the chip with millions of neurons. This could help war fighters by augmenting their senses of sight, smell and hearing, and could let a common man see information from around the world when we wish, Google search anyone or anything in our sights and view and interpret whole databases at a moment’s notice. It may even allow us to interface with some other person’s brain. The possibilities are endless and this could be the next step in the evolution of mankind, or could result in some gigantic catastrophe if we were able to manipulate minds with a few key presses, only time will unfold the capabilities of this technology and its benefits.


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