Ten Unbelievable Sci-Fi Weapons That Already Exist (With Pictures)

5. Insect Drones

The thought that an insect could be working for the CIA or Kremlin sounds pretty crazy but there might be a few out there we don’t even know exist. Insects are among the sci-fi weapons that already exist and can go where no human can, to look for survivors in a war damaged city or in an earthquake ravaged landscape. Also they can do the kind of spy jobs no human could hope of doing, like sneaking into a conference room and streaming the whole meeting undetected, or searching for the whereabouts of terrorists hiding deep in the forests. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), who has quite a reputation for developing various military robots and exoskeletons for soldiers is also involved with designing insect drones and miniature UAV’s inspired by birds of prey such as the hawk, that are so small that they can fit through an open window.

The US military is also involved in such research, the Army Research Lab in Adelphi, Maryland are working on a robotic drone based on an insect with a wingspan of 3-4 cm. The motion in the wings is generated by a material called lead zirconium titanate (PZT), which flaps and bends when a small voltage is applied through it. Currently the world’s smallest drone comes from Harvard which weighs in at 60 milligram and has a size of 3 cm. The military is working on a drone that is 3 times smaller.

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