Ten Unbelievable Sci-Fi Weapons That Already Exist (With Pictures)

4. Invisibility Cloaks

The US army has long been working on a Harry Potter style invisibility cloak that could allow one to sneak in and out of active battlefields, buildings where insurgents are holding people hostage and even into top secret facilities and what not. Although for a very long time it seemed as though taxpayer’s money was going down the drain, eventually some people have come up with technologies to conceal both man as well as airborne vehicles.

University of California San Diego(UCSD) professor Boubacar Kante and his team created a “dielectric meta surface cloak”, a material that functions by manipulating electromagnetic waves such as visible light as well as radio waves, such as the ones used in radar systems. The invisibility cloak is among the top ten unbelievable sci-fi weapons that already exist. Its material is composed of teflon and ceramic making it cheap to produce compared to competitive cloaking technologies. Because of its ability to scatter electromagnetic waves, the material can be used to camouflage an object from radar or the human eye, only one at a time. It is expected to be used soon by the military due to its cheap and lightweight nature, to cloak anything from a predator drone to an A-10 fighter jet.

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