Ten Unbelievable Sci-Fi Weapons That Already Exist (With Pictures)

3. Force Fields

In our list of sci-fi weapons that already exist, this is yet another Star Wars concept bought to reality, at least partially by Boeing. These guys have been granted a patent for a force-field like defence system designed to protect targets such as vehicles or small structure from shock waves resulting from explosions, such as an IED, RPG’s, small missiles or rocket. It does not protect from direct impact, rather it saves the target from the resulting shock wave that comes after the explosion.

The system utilizes an electromagnetic shield of plasma (a super heated air pocket) generated via lasers, microwaves and high voltage electric arcs. This region of super heated and ionized air intercepts the shock wave and attenuates (decreases or disperses) its energy before the shock wave reaches a protected target. Considering that in cases of explosion, shock waves and debris are the main causes of damage, this is a great solution to protect vulnerable targets. However this is a temporary field and relies on a sensor that detects an explosion before it creates the protective field around the target. It will thus be a while before we see the impenetrable force fields from Star Wars or something similar to a Green Lantern shield, but we are taking steps in the right direction it seems.

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