Ten Unbelievable Sci-Fi Weapons That Already Exist (With Pictures)

2. Nanobots

The US Department of Defense funded super high tech and confidential research division DARPA is reported to be involved in the making of nano-sized robotic doctors through its ElectRx program, that can be injected into the human body and bloodstream via a simple injection needle in order to monitor, detect and even treat people suffering from certain ailments. DARPA’s project is one of the sci-fi weapons that already exist and is aimed at ailments not treatable by conventional methods such as chronic pain, inflammatory disease and post traumatic stress disorders.

These smart nano-bots literally “get on your nerves” and stimulate certain regions of your body to cure you of these ailments. One day these little intelligent bots might be able to help us cure ourselves from within with minimal external interference such as surgery. However lets just hope in the near future these robots don’t grow an intelligence of their own and take over a bunch of human minds, because then we would then end up with zombie like cyborgs threatening all of humanity.

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