Ten Ways To Reach Your Goals Right Now (With Pictures)

1. Trataka or Gazing

As the name suggests it’s a practice of gazing on an object or candle flame without blinking our eyes. It has dozens of benefits; first and foremost it improves your concentration. Secondly, it improves your eyesight as it strengthens our eyes to focus on a point. It is also said that with a lot of practice, Trataka helps in gaining and improving our psychic abilities like clairvoyance. It is a part of Hatha (Physical) Yoga which deals with physical techniques to enrich your body and soul.

Method: Make a black dot of 1.5 centimeters diameter on a wall and sit in a comfortable position at about 2 meters from the wall. Relax your body and start gazing the black dot without blinking. Focus only on that black dot, if any thoughts arise in your mind then simply let them go. Continue the process till your tears come out; never push too hard. Repeat twice in a day in the morning and the evening. The same process can also be done by using a candle flame instead of a black dot.


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