Ten Food You Thought Were Healthy But Are Not (With Pictures)

8. Breakfast Cereal

Breakfast cereal, food you thought were healthy but are not. It seems that every box in the cereal aisle is an advertisement for some new health benefit. Cereal boxes claim to help lower cholesterol while others claim to be heart healthy. Furthermore, most all cereals claim that they provide a mix of essential vitamins and minerals. However, most cereals are sugar laden, refined, processed junk. This includes cereal that claims to be “natural,” like granola. To start, the sheer amount of sugar in most breakfast cereals is enough to remove this commodity from any healthy diet. Furthermore, the vitamins that are contained within each box have been added by the manufacturing company. That is, the vitamins are man-made and injected into your cereal. This has actually proven dangerous for children who overdose on these vitamins. Yikes!

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