Ten Food You Thought Were Healthy But Are Not (With Pictures)

5. Whole Wheat Bread

If your bread says its whole wheat but it still has the consistency and taste of white bread, you don’t really have whole wheat bread. You have most likely fallen for a deceptive marketing ploy in which companies add just a little bit of wheat flour to their bread in order to market it as healthy. It’s among food you thought were healthy but are not. If you eat real whole wheat bread, you will be able to tell the difference. It will be hearty and filling unlike its refined counterpart.  When choosing bread, ignore the “whole-grain” stamp. The requirements to get this mark are quite low and does not guarantee that your bread is anywhere close to 100% whole grain. As always, check the ingredients. Avoid enriched flours and choose bread with high fibber content. The less ingredients the better!

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