Top Ten Best Police Cars In The World(With Pictures)

1. Somerset Police Force – Ariel Atom Formula 1 Car

The world’s fastest police car they say… and no doubt it probably is and is also one of the best police cars! The word Atom alone should tell you immediately that this specific police car isn’t one that you can take for granted. In its distinctive Formula 1 racing style appearance, designed with the police logo and other bright and attractive graphics of the Somerset Police that’s spread across the car, is one that even a blind person wouldn’t miss. If not by sight then definitely by the sound of it drilling the air past you. In general we see of the usual police cars that are on the streets which is why the Somerset police and their purchase of what can be considered as one of the fastest and best police cars of the world makes it absolutely and exclusively unique. It’s not uncommon knowledge that most people around the world have most probably not even heard of this Glorious rare Atom car.

It isn’t just an Atom, but the newest 3.5R Model to top it off which can reach a staggering 60 Miles Per Hour in just an unbelievable 2.5 Seconds which is freaking amazing and absolutely scary at the same time ,since the amount of damage this thing could cause if not stopped in time could be equivalent to that of a bomb explosion and no wonder they call it an Atom, definitely lives up to its name which says it all. “Dynamites come in small packages” they say and so does the Atom which is small in size, airplane shaped with wings too literally ‘fly’ across a long stretch. A simple explanation other than the fact that this is the best and fasted police car in the world is due to its extremely light weight of just a mere 612 KG which is almost the equivalent of the weight of a standard superbike. Beauty In this would lie in how intelligent its manufacturers are to have added four wheels to increase stability of the vehicle while still allowing the driver to reach a speed of that air cutting magnitude in just a matter of 2.5 seconds which is quiet a world record breaker I would say.

There is definitely a genius in the development of Atom and more especially one of the greatest decisions that the Somerset police could have made, infect the best decision seeing that it’s what actually put their low profiled name on the map of having in the grasp of their hands, in a literal sense one of the best police cars in the world and more especially for its untouchable ability to top the speed blind folded of almost every common police car known and driven by man. Somerset Polices’ Atom has proven to be one off, if not the ONLY one of its kind which is particularly why it ranks number 1 on the list of the best police cars of the world.


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