Top Ten Best Police Cars In The World(With Pictures)

8. Italian National Polizia Vehicles

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Yes…You’ve guessed it! Italy is known for their Italian Stallions and you can be sure that they no doubt also have a ‘Va Va Voom!’ Of a car ready to chase after you at all costs and with a high possibility of actually apprehending you if you’re a Mafia Boss on the run in Italia or just a two bit speedster trying to drift on the curvy roads of Venice. Well Pal, Good luck in achieving that without being pursued by the Italian Police Forces’ Home grown and manufactured Lamborghini LP560 that literally spells high velocity and horse power simply by its appearance and this is besides the actual performance and speed of the car. Lord have mercy if this slim and sleek sports Italian Spec car is on your tail as the chances of you evading them are one to none.

The Lamborghini LP560 has been given as prized jewels by the company as gifts to the Italian Police Force, at which one of the two, has unfortunately totaled and ‘written off’ due to reckless driving on equally both the civilian and police officers side ,however luckily one is all it takes to do the job. Consider this one that’s still on the road as “The Avenger”. After all, if a Country like South Africa can have a Lamborghini in their Police Force, it would be rather ironical if Italy didn’t, seeing that the birth of Lamborghini is carved on the Italian streets.

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