Top Ten Best Police Cars In The World(With Pictures)

7. South Africa – Lamborghini Gallardo

Amongst all the countries of the world, South Africa is one of the most under developed and quite frankly by the looks of it and the rate of their development being so slow in terms of modernization, it will surely take another twenty years or so in order to develop to round about the same level as the known ‘First world’ countries are currently. This however is just a mere prediction based on the fact that South Africa has been rendered as a ‘Third world’ country for decades now.

Besides the rich heritage ,exotic tourist attractions, African Culture ,spirit and atmosphere that even First world countries would retreat to Africa for ,the development of the SAPS (South African Police Services) haven’t shown much in their efforts to upgrade their services and government issued weaponry ,vehicles and training as well. What we can expect from the SAPS is more of a joke in terms of their law enforcement record, simply due to the very few corrupt officials that has given the entire countries force a bad name.

Nevertheless in more recent times, the one great thing we can give them credit for is their rather ironical purchase of a Lamborghini Gallardo which is among the best police cars, in an admirable hope of it being the waving flag of their famous ‘Arrive Alive campaign’. Don’t get me wrong, South Africa has a range of top class cars in the police force such as world renowned names in the motor vehicle industry such as: Audi, BMW, Ford, Volkswagen etc. This is probably the best thing they could have done in terms of vehicle upgrades purely because of the up class areas such as Johannesburg etc. which is home to South African Millionaires where driving a Lamborghini would be something of a spoilt choice in somebodies garage. What makes this a jewel is that it is the only One that’s been loaned to South Africa, where as Italy is flooded with its creations.

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