Top Ten Best Police Cars In The World(With Pictures)

6. Australian National Police Vehicles

The Police Force of Australia has not only made a name for themselves In terms of their training and other great things that makes their Law Enforcement up to high standards as the police mates of Australia also have something to offer in terms of their choice in police cars which definitely would have landed them on the list of 10 best police cars in the world simply due to their range over the scale of exclusivity.

With a more unique blend to the rest their class of police vehicles have been chosen by spec ,model and durability as well as the type of power that the Aussies tend to want to push out from their ‘happy chap’ spirits. Everything extraordinary ought to have an ‘Alpha’ and in this case a charming Alpha Romeo Police car to turn eyes too. This isn’t however just your average Romeo though as this particular one is a GT spec which simply spells ‘Gran Turismo’ which in itself should immediately come across as a speed demon with the comfort of a long drive. Other than the Charming Romeo Alpha in this case, the Aussie Police also garages a Volvo S60 Polestar that’s standardly re-enforced with carbon fiber. Each of these cars have one thing in common though; Both of these work of arts where manufactured by the excellent craftsmanship of the Italians as the names of these vehicles also announce their backgrounds and strong standing reputation in the motor industry.

One more police car that the Australians have added to their collection is the HSV GTS. This too is regarded by some as one of the best police cars. The name wouldn’t strike too familiar to many which is why we are to outline it distinctively. A beautiful car that’s almost a replica of the Mitsubishi Lancer in terms of its body design but with the power of an ‘Italian Stallion’ The car has been dubbed as one of the fastest that Australia has ever produced and is now in prized possession of the Australian Police. Simply a great achievement as it’s built in the country that they Australians use it to protect. By this were talking about a 6.2 liter 8 supercharged vehicle with more power than the average Rookie Aussie police officer would be able to handle.

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