Top Ten Best Police Cars In The World(With Pictures)

5. United Kingdom Police Vehicles

There aren’t many countries that are in royal favor of having a Queen to represent them as London is proud to be the host country of their very own Mother of honor. On the streets of London you can be sure to find a crime ring of gangs with their flashy luxury vehicles and other valuable sources which is exactly why the United Kingdom Police has stepped up their game in police vehicles and by this we can see a vast range of them too. Some of the best police cars in the world are grounded on the lands of the UK.

Let’s take a closer look on some of what UK police are sporting in their collection. Firstly their McLaren 12C which is referred to as a ‘super car’ really tops the gun around being a part of UK’s Police Force which to them would be leader of the pack and in actual fact, there is a pack of these super-cars that have been introduced to the force. Some of the rest that are on the list will include : A Caparo TI which is quiet a rare car yet still falls under the same category as the McLaren that has abit of a Scottish pride to it. An exclusive car like this in United Kingdom force can still be admired by criminals or speed racers because of its beauty. Other more common vehicles that are in the abundance of United Kingdom police would be the Jaguar XF and Lexus Extige. When we think of this car, the word that automatically comes to one’s mind would be “Prestige” – That represents respect and admiration. Having this amount of top class in vehicles making it one of the best police cars in the world, adds a lot of flexibility in any police force for that matter.

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