Top Ten Best Police Cars In The World(With Pictures)

3. United States National Police Force Vehicles

“YES WE CAN!” – If the President Barack Obama , then that statement is made famous and more especially speaks for itself in many ways unimaginable. This simply means that there is a driving force of Americans that stands in unity as “United” in the United States of America suggests and also that anything is possible.

On the basis of Americans historical aspects as well as present day occurrences, they are known for putting in place the most finest and intelligent in counteractions in all aspects to leverage almost every type of system out there. Apart from it hosting some of the world’s most elite and highly trained police forces in the world, you bet they also have some of the world’s best police cars of the world too. It’s absolutely no surprise that they have invested in some upgrades to their police vehicle system instead of the common old police cruisers and ‘county blues’ as they are dubbed on the streets by thugs and gangsters who obviously oppose to authority figures which is why this time round the Police of the United States decided to add some ‘swag’ to their rides to pull up next to thugs and low-riders of the Bronx with a little bit of style which also gains and demands their respect too. The least they would be respected for is their rides if not the fact that they are law enforcers who have made careers out of catching them.

So USA has stocked up big time this time with their Undercover Nissan GTR which can be referred to as the “American Ghost” and is often ranked among the best police cars, since it rides in style and appears friendly as the great Casper does until it pulls up to make an arrest. After all, criminals on the US streets are so used to seeing the Usual Ford Crown Victoria, so who would have expected that a Nissan GTR would belong to the US force?

Next up is their Dodge charger, Dodge Viper and Ford Mustang which is rather anticipated since the US police have used Fords and Dodge’s for a considerable amount of time because of their ability to withstand a considerable amount of damage on impact, after all, Dodge and Fords are hard bodies which is perfect for when police cars need to ram against a felon’s car in an enraged police chase. The American Police Force also has one of the world’s best police cars, being the often underestimated and overlooked Chev Corvette as well as the Hummer H2 which is used in the more hectic land operations. Basically the Hummer in this sense is the ‘Big Dog’ they bring out, when dealing with criminal drivers who aren’t pulling off average road crimes.

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