Ten Incredible Movies That Question Time(With Pictures)

1. Coherence (2013)


Based on the thought experiment by Schrodinger’s Cat and Many-world’s Interpretation, Coherence is James Ward Byrkit’s debut film. The film shows eight friends, joined for dinner, who start facing anomalies when a comet passes by. The effects include repetition of events and characters, resulting in an uncertainty. As explained in the Uncertainty Principle given by Werner Heisenberg that not everything is guided by cause and effect, Coherence follows somewhat a similar line up of events surely making one ask about space-time more than once. The whole film is quintessentially a bank of quantum mechanics and also draws reference from the theory of decoherence.  Coherence encompasses around the passing of the Miller’s comet which in reality have caused strange occurrences on earth earlier.

The film despite being made on extremely low budget, it’s one of those movies that question time. It takes place entirely inside a house that belongs to the director in real life. The movie stars Emily Baldoni as its lead.


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