Ten Incredible Movies That Question Time(With Pictures)

9. The Man From Earth (2007)

This film is based on a short story written by Jerome Bixby and deals mostly with philosophical issues of morality, empiricism, religious beliefs, existentialism and other cerebral notions, The Man from Earth is one of the movies that question time. The film fictionalizes the life of a man who claims to have walked the earth for 14,000 years. The man is a professor, on the verge of leaving his present home after quitting his job. He is visited by colleagues who listen to his story and spend the rest of the evening conceiving and evaluating him. The extraordinary philosophical treatment given to the film would make anyone question their beliefs.

The movie was totally shot in a room and can be considered to be a science fiction film without the use of any form of visual effects. The engrossing elements are the intense conversations made throughout the film that hold high intellectualism. The story is Bixby’s best work and was completed in his deathbed.

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