Ten Incredible Movies That Question Time(With Pictures)

8. Timecrimes (2007)


Start by secretly watching a girl undressing herself in the woods, then escaping from a masked man who’s trying to kill you and while doing that, accidentally enter a time machine to hide yourself. All hell breaks loose. This happened to a man named Hector. Timecrimes is one of those movies that question time, a Spanish movie which is considered to be one of the time-bending masterpieces.

The time-bending idea in the film is manufactured by a time loop plot device, in which certain periods of time recur and are re-experienced by the characters repeatedly. Generally in fiction, time loops are portrayed in an optimistic fashion where the character most definitely escapes the horrific loop, but the time loop concept forbids 8 out of 10 escapes and locks them into a persisting trap of repetition and the story remains inconclusive.

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