Ten Incredible Movies That Question Time(With Pictures)

7. 41 (2012)

41 is an absolutely independent film and among those movies that question time. It focuses on a guy who finds a hole in a motel bathroom floor that guides to yesterday. The bathroom is in a room that is numbered 41 and so the name of the film. The guy uses the hole to go to the past and change certain things, like the death of his grandfather and his ex-girlfriend.

The storyline shows a striking violation of the famous grandfather paradox where one travels to the past to prevent one’s grandparents from meeting thus preventing the birth of the time traveler which is considered impossible because if it was true then there wouldn’t be the need for the time travel. The idea that the film delivers is that when one travels time, the person actually brings space near to him rather than time itself. Thus one can influence the past to change the future but not intervene.

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