Ten Incredible Movies That Question Time(With Pictures)

5. Interstellar (2014)


Kip Thorne, the acclaimed astrophysicist who theoretically conceptualized the worm-hole enigma and time travel, is the not just the major inspiration for Interstellar but he also served as one of the executive producers of the film. Interstellar is the latest talk of the town placed into light by the never so simple Christopher Nolan. The film provides a very sensible reason for earth’s future apocalypse that is constituted by a global crop blight and dusty air. To ensure humanity’s survival and to look for a habitable planet to start a new life, a team of explorers travel through a worm-hole in space.

The film uses theories of interstellar voyage and twin paradox to radiate the complexities of actual sci-fi. With an incredible use of visual effects, Interstellar puts forward the most theoretical suggestion of time travel by stating not just the result but also the process leading to it.

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