Ten Incredible Movies That Question Time(With Pictures)

2. Primer (2004)

Shane Carruth, the auteur who made the inconceivable film Primer, is a mathematician by training and has worked as a software engineer. Regarded as one of those movies that question time, Carruth says that the average audience will only comprehend 70 percent of Primer in the first viewing.

Primer is a story about four friends who are small-time entrepreneurs dealing with error-checking technology. Two of them in their leisure get involved in quirky experiments and one of these experiments leads to the accidental building of a machine that has the capacity to travel time. After enhancing the machine to hold a human inside, the two friends embark on a journey in and out of time to become successful; but their realities hold something else as consequences of their acts.

The film was made with $7000 and till date it can be considered as one of the most realistic sci-fi films ever made. Mike D’Angelo from the Esquire says that if someone claims to have understood the film at once is either a savant or a liar.

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