Invest In Yourself


No stream rises higher than its source. Whatever
man might build could never express or reflect more
than he was. He could record neither more nor less
than he had learned of life when the buildings were
built … His philosophy, true or false, is there.
— Frank Lloyd Wright
          The greatest gift you  could ever give yourself and the smart investment you could ever make . It’s the one step in your success journey that if you leave out all other steps will fail, this is what separate the average man and the successful also It is also the most critical step in accomplishing any challenging task.
     What we are talking about here is not some magical stuff or anything extraordinary. This is the gift of working on yourself or personal development, We are talking about you investing in yourself.  
          Abraham Lincoln said, “Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I will spend the first four hours sharpening the axe.” In other words, he would spend twice as much time working on himself as on the task itself.
          What do most people do? They grab the axe, dull or not, and start whaling away at the tree. And if they aren’t making a major dent in that tree pretty soon, they quit—and probably mutter something about how it’s the tree’s fault!
          How you swing the axe, how hard, in what arc and with what rhythm on exactly what spot you hit the tree—all these are strategies that concern your actions, and they can all be measured, weighed, and improved … but it starts with the axe itself. And the axe is you.
         Though we live in a result-oriented world, were all we do is judge by our results I have a problem with this kind of thinking because I don’t understand how you can judge a course of action you’re taking by it’s result, when the results come last.
          When taking action, the most important thing we should focus on is how to make yourself better and smarter while taking the action because how you take your actions is what will determine your results and this is what separate you from every other person involved in this field.
          Continuous Learning should be how you approach personal development because their is ever an end to it, personal development continue till you die. When I mean learning I’m not talking about school though school is type of learning, I’m talking about the one you give yourself. There are two types of learning, the one you’re given and the one you give yourself which is the most important.
         I can read a book like Think and grow now, but it back in my bookshelf, then come back a year later to read it again and it will be as if someone came to my house and completely rewrite it while I was sleeping. Why? that’s because my experiences have changed my perspective. Now, when I read a particular passage or point the author makes, I understand it in a way I could not have possibly seen a year ago. this will affect my behavior now when I go out to carry out my actions I just learn from Napoleon Hill, I will do so in such a way I could have not imagine 24 hours ago.
          Plan – do – review is how I execute my actions because I just got the new and improve information, I get to action where I will apply those information then review my results to see if it went well. Just like writing a computer program, execute it then if there is an error in the program you debug the program. In your business the way of debugging is through acquiring more knowledge.
          This is why it is best you have a role model, someone who have what you want, someone you can exchange your life with his/her’s without even thinking of it. Most people make the mistakes of making a role model out of who can’t help them or people the society give to them like Actors, musicians and sport people who can’t give you the information you need to get to the top.

By: Aloaye Otsu
Twitter/Instagram: @Aloaye_Javi

• CEO & Publisher @vlmagafrica • Founder @vlmediaafrica & @besthandsng • Media Mogul •Entertainer Lions Don’t compare themselves With Humans

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