Six Signs That Your Partner is Cheating on You – People With First-hand Experience Open Up

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Are you suspicious of your partner? If you think he or she has been playing away you might want to read this.
Have you got a gut feeling that your partner isn’t being faithful? Unfortunately you could be on to something.
A recent study revealed that almost half (45%) of men admit to straying from their significant other at least once.
And a whopping 21% of women have also had a s*xual affair, according to the survey commissioned by Italian website
To help you define the line between suspicion and truth a recent Ask Me Anything Reddit thread asked “from personal experience what are the signs your partner is cheating?”
Here we reveal six common tell-tale signs that your partner might be straying:
1. They frequently accuse you of cheating
PetticoatBandit said: ”Every relationship I had that ended because I found out they were cheating had one common denominator: They frequently accused me of cheating.
“Like, all the time. I have never cheated. For example, my last ex accused me of making plans to go cheat on them with an actor from TV.
“I didn’t even know the actor’s real name, I just thought the actor was cute. Cue huge fight. Find out later they’ve been cheating on me with just a friend, don’t worry.
“Five years later the ridiculousness of it still strikes me from time to time.”


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