Ten Biggest Lies in History That Befooled Us (With Pictures)

There is an old saying: the truth will set you free. But we know there are hordes of lying scoundrels all over the world. Lying has certain rewards like fame, money and power. Sometimes, it may also be used for exacting revenge. History is fraught with forgeries, perjuries, hoaxes and outright lies that have affected the life of thousands of people. The following article will let you know about the most significant lies in history. Of course, the list is not comprehensive, but it does include lies about every walk of life including politics, art and even science. Have a look at 10 biggest lies in history:

10. The Trojan Horse

The war between Troy and Greece had been waging on for ten years. The story goes Trojans were confident that they had broken the will of the Greeks who will soon return to their island to lick their wounds. They had no idea that the latter had a trick waiting for the unsuspecting Trojans, which today is counted as one of the biggest lies in history.

The Greeks had built a giant wooden horse with a hollow belly to hide soldiers. They succeeded in convincing the Trojans that it was an offering for peace, it was gladly accepted by the foes. The horse was then taken inside the fortified city. The same night, while the Trojans were dozing, the Greek soldiers hiding inside the horse came out the hiding and slaughtered the population. Trojans were decisively defeated.

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