Ten Old Scientific Facts Proven Wrong (With Pictures)

The best thing about science is that it would promptly admit whenever is wrong. Some theories are being frequently proven wrong. New research outdated old, widely believed ideas. Sometimes they are rendered incomplete, and sometimes they are out rightly rejected. However, this constant process does not hinder the discoveries of new ideas. Science is considered the most rigorous process that involves detailed procedures, yet it does not mean that theories do not get refuted. Sometimes, a hoax would be deliberately perpetrated to fool the scientific community. There are several old scientific facts proven wrong. Science takes care of all of them – in the due course of time.

Below, you will find some critical scientific discoveries that were proven wrong because they were dependent on data which was it questionable. It is also crucial to understand that most of these discoveries may not have been entirely wrong in the strict sense of the word. Some of them have been simply replaced by other versions of the same theories that are more comprehensive and understandable. Check out these 10 old scientific facts proven wrong:

10. Discovery of Planet Vulcan

During the nineteenth century, scientists and astronomer believed that there was a planet that existed between Sun and Mercury. Its name was Vulcan. It was first discovered by Urbain Jean Joseph Le Verrier since there were some abnormalities with the orbit of Mercury that were inexplicable. Le Verrier argued that the reason for these peculiarities must be an object – the moon or a small planet – acting as a source of gravity. Certain astronomers doubted the existence of Vulcan. The search for this hypothetical planet was abandoned in 1915. Moreover, the theory of general relativity also helped in explaining the strange phenomena associated with Mercury.

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