Ten Unbelievable Sci-Fi Weapons That Already Exist (With Pictures)

We have come a long way, from machine guns and tanks in World War One, to airplanes and nukes in World War Two. Nobody likes the idea of a full blown war, but precautions are necessary to ensure we are on the winning side in case one does break out. Technology is advancing fast, and with it are advancing military weapons and operational tactics. In this age of information technology, unmanned drones that can unleash hell from the skies, lasers that can blast enemy aircraft and exoskeletons that give soldiers superhuman strength are fast developing into reality. Today we are going to talk about some unbelievable sci-fi weapons that already exist.

Governments of countries like the United States and Russia who have huge military budgets, spend billions on researching and developing new means to threaten the other and in this age, when every second country is a nuclear power, countries have begun researching on technologies that can cripple a nations military infrastructure with a pinpointed strike to the communication network before it gets the opportunity to launch a single nuke. These attacks include cyberspace attacks, military satellites with lasers on them and railguns. Read on for a list of top ten innovations that could forever change how we wage war in the future – the 10 sci-fi weapons that already exist:

10. Unmanned Underwater Vehicles

These may seem like a new concept, but the idea behind them has been there since quite some time. Submarines are a threat to any nation, nuclear subs can remain submerged and undetected in a nations water space for months, only to launch an array of nuclear missiles when war breaks out. The diesel submarines developed by Russia claim to be the quietest in the world, generating an underwater hum, detecting which is as difficult as detecting a single car engine noise in a traffic jam. To deal with these, several programs have been launched by the US Ministry of Defense and DARPA, including autonomous robot ships that can hunt down enemy submarines.

Dubbed the “Anti-Submarine Warfare Continuous Trail Unmanned Vessel” (ACTUV), it is one of the sci-fi weapons that already exist and is designed to hunt the next generation of nearly silent enemy diesel submarines. It is based around a diesel electric submarine platform and is capable of autonomously avoiding random moving vessels in the sea, as well as tracking enemy vessels on its own. This system is both cheap and efficient compared to nuclear submarines and is autonomous as well. In addition DARPA is also working on the HYDRA program, a project that involves a large UUV mothership that can deploy smaller unmanned vessels and submarines that can hunt and track enemy vessels, as well as guard a nation’s coastline.

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